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Technical Computer Engineering (to be discontinued)


Information on the extinguishment

Timeframe for passing subjects

The timeframe for passing a failed subject from an extinguished syllabus is TWO YEARS since the subject is taught for the last time. This timeframe may be extended to three years via an official request to the Rector.

Considering that these studies (Technical Computer Engineering, syllabus 2002) began their extinguishment in the academic year 2010-2011, the time limit for passing the subjects of the different years are the following (counting on three years, since the extension of the timeframe is always granted):

  • First-year subjects: year 2012-2013
  • Second-year subjects: year 2013-2014
  • Third-year subjects: year 2014-2015
Timeframe for passing the End-of-Degree Project

On the 2002 syllabus, the End-of-Degree Project appears as a third-year subject, so that the same regulations are applied than to any other third-year subject. Therefore, the last year during which the end-of-degree project can be read is 2014-2015.

Interestingly, if you have taken these studies via any former syllabuses (Diploma in IT, Technical Computer Engineering of syllabus 1993), the timeframe for reading the end-of-degree project is not limited (for the moment), as in those syllabuses the end-of-degree project was not stated as a subject assigned to any particular year, which is why the above extinguishment rules are not applied here.

What if I can not pass any subjects (or the end-of-degree project) within the set timeframe?

If that happens, unfortunately you will not be able to obtain your degree. You will be able to continue your studies through an adaptation to the Degree in Software Engineering. Several of the subjects passed may be adapted (recognized), so that you would have to take only the remaining ones.


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Further information

You can find all the information regarding Technical Engineering at the Virtual Secretariat.

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