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Via our Placements Program for last-year students, most of our students get a job well in advance of finishing their degree.

As a gradual transition to the professional world, last-year students of all degree courses will complete their training through Placements.

Conscious of the importance of this first job for our students, the School has created a network of associated companies in which our graduates must complete their training by working in top-class IT projects.


Companies interested in receiving students from the School of Computing Engineering for a work placement can sign an agreement with the University and register in the centralized computer application for the management of the placement offers. This application is available here, and the manual describing in detail the procedure for the signing of agreements and the use of the application can be found here (pdf format).

The placement will be for a time period of up to six months and for a maximum of 25 hours a week.

The company can decide the remuneration it offers to the students (always above cero euros). Once the company has registered in the application, it must enter the placement offers. During the placement period, the companies need not formalize social security for the students, as they will be covered by the school insurance or by an insurance policy contracted for this purpose by the University.

Company URL City
AM Horses S.L.--
ASAC Comunicaciones S.L.www.asac.asLlanera
Asociación de alumnos de altas capacidades de Asturias (APADAC)www.apadac.orgGijón
Asociación Norawww.asociacionnora.comPola de Siero
Astureco PFSwww.pfsgrupo.comOviedo
ATSG 98 Instrumentacion S.L.www.instrumentaciongeotecnica.comPoligono Industrial Berrón Este s/n La Carrera Siero
Ayuntamiento de Oviedowww.oviedo.esOviedo
Ayuntamiento de Sierowww.ayto-siero.esPola de Siero
Banco Herrerowww.bancoherrero.com-
Candematwww.candemat.comMaliaño de Camargo (Cantabria)
Cantábrico Sistemaswww.cantabricosistemas.esOviedo
Computer Sciences España S.A.www.csc.comAvilés
Consulting Informático de Cantabriawww.cic-sl.esMaliaño
Consultoría del Principado S.L.-Gijón
Coremain S.L.www.coremain.comSantiago La Coruña
Desarrollo integral alternativo S. L.www.dialsl.comOviedo
Dicampus S.L.www.dicampus.esGijón
Dieresis Comunicación S. L.www.bblmultimedia.comOviedo
Duro Felguera S.A.www.durofelguera.comOviedo
El Corte Ingléswww.elcorteingles.esOviedo
Electricidad Llames S.L.www.electricidadllames.comSiero
Emcanta S.L.www.emcanta.esSantander
ESPIRAL Microsistemas S.L.www.espiralms.comGijón
EUROHELP CONSULTINGwww.euro-help.netBilbao (Bizkaia)
Fundación cibervoluntarioswww.cibervoluntarios.orgMadrid
Fundación Nodular S.A.www.nodular.comSiero
Futuver Consulting S.L.www.futuver.comGijón
Garcia Marsa--
Grupo Gesorwww.gesor.esLlanera
Grupo ThyssenKrupp Industrialwww.grupothyssenkrupp.comMieres
Hospital Central de Asturiaswww.hca.esOviedo
Ingeca S.L.www.ingeca.comOviedo
Ingen10 S.L.www.ingen10.comLlanera
Ingeniería Digital Oviedowww.indigo.esOviedo
Instituto Tecnológico de Leónwww.itcl.esLeón
Iricom S.L.www.iricom.esOviedo
Iris Asesores Informáticos S.A.www.grupoiris.comLlanera
Killer-Ideas S.L.--
La Nueva Españawww.lne.esOviedo
La Voz de Asturiaswww.lavozdeasturias.esSiero
Laboratorios e industrias Noriega S.L.www.noriega.netLlanera
Lider Integrated technology y consulting S.A.www.liderit.esLlanera
Medianet Softwarewww.medianet.esMadrid
Mivisa Envases S.A.U.www.mivisa.comLlanera
Multimedia Puntoscoma S.L.-Oviedo
Online Projects-Langreo
Saint-Gobain Glasses.saint-gobain-glass.comAvilés
SATEC S.A.www.satec.esMadrid
SDF Madrid-Madrid
Sistema Binario S.L.www.sbinario.comOviedo
Telecable S.A.web.telecable.esOviedo
Vaciero S.A.www.vaciero.esOviedo
Visual Tools S.A.www.visual-tools.comGijón
VisualGraf Comunicaciónwww.visualgraf.esGijón
Vorago Tecnología S.L.www.vorago.esGijón
VTR. Broadcast S.L.-Oviedo
European Centre for Soft Computing www.softcomputing.esMieres
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