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Emergency Protocol

If a CONTROLABLE emergency is observed

  • Try to control, with the available means, the cause that brings about the emergency (on discovery of a fire, follow the specific procedure).
  • Notify the incident to the Intervention Chief (985103290  / 3290).

If an UNCONTROLLABLE emergency is observed

  • Press the nearest alarm bottom.
  • Call immediately 985102796 (Faculty Concierge Room) or, if you do not get an answer, call 659840448  (Campus Security Service) and indicate THE NUMBER OF THE DOOR ACCESSING where service is required.
  • Leave the accident area closing the doors but do not lock them.

On Hearing the Alarm

  • Stop your activity safely.
  • Wait for instructions.

 On Hearing the Evacuation Order

  • Leave the building through the nearest door and go to the meeting point near the street in front of the Faculty building. Wait for new instructions there.
  • Do not use the elevator. Go down the stairs near the wall.
  • During the evacuation, always follow the instructions of the members of the alarm and evacuation team (YELLOW jacket).

On Discovering a FIRE

  • If the fire is small and controllable, use the nearest appropriate fire extinguisher if safe to do so and your escape route is clear (remain at all times between the exit door and the fire).
  • Avoid the spread of flames (remove all products that ignite the fire).
  • NEVER open a door that is hot, the fire is nearby and the flames would spread.
  • If you cannot control it with a fire extinguisher, follow the uncontrollable EMERGENCY procedure.
  • If you have to go through an area with smoke, get down on the floor and crawl quickly. The atmosphere is more breathable and the temperature is lower. If possible, place a damp handkerchief (or any other type of clothing) covering your nose and mouth.
  • If your clothes catch on fire, DO NOT run: STOP, DROP to the floor and ROLL over to suffocate the flames.
  • DO NOT use the elevators.
  • Never return to the place where you come to pick up forgotten objects.
  • If you are trapped inside a room, close all the doors and, if possible, place wet clothes in the cracks where the smoke penetrates.